SportsEngine Registration: Central MN Youth Soccer Association

2020 Travel Team Tryouts


There are two options when registering your child for the 2020 CMYSA Travel season.

  • Option 1: FULLY register your player with our club. This means you are committing to CMYSA prior to tryouts and want to be a CMYSA travel player regardless of the team you are placed on. The registration price ($315-$400) will include the cost of tryouts. This is recommended for players who know they want to be part of CMYSA regardless of placement. If you want this option, register with this link instead: 2020 Travel 9U-19U
  • Option 2: Register for tryouts only. This means you are NOT committing to CMYSA until rosters are posted after tryouts. The registration fee is $75 and will NOT be credited towards your registration fee if you decide to sign up with CMYSA after teams are posted. This option is recommended for players who are unsure if they want to play travel soccer or whose participation in CMYSA soccer is dependent on their team status or teammates. These players will have 2 weeks after teams are posted to register for CMYSA and claim their roster spot. If you want Option #2, please continue with this registration.


Welcome to the 2020 Travel Team Tryouts Registration

To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or checking account information available.  


Charge is $75 + Sports Engine 3.0% + $1.00 processing fee.


Tryout Registration closes:
- October 11, 2019 for 2007 and younger
- October 25, 2019 for 2006 and older


Birth Year Chart 2019-2020 Season

Birth Year 2019–2020
2011 9U
2010 10U
2009 11U
2008 12U
2007 13U
2006 14U
2005 15U
2004 16U
2003 17U
2002 18U

Unable to attend Travel Tryouts?

If a player is unable to attend a Travel Tryout session for the 2020 Season and does not want to commit to the club until rosters are released, they still need to register for tryouts and indicate on this registration that player will miss tryout.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Lissa Staples

Travel Administrator

Phone: (320) 223-4594